This is SECRET NUMBER 3: My Ezra love shrine

I have been dating my beloved Ezra since 2022.04.20, it has been...

...since we started dating !

This page will be dedicated to some of my favourite memories with him

Here are some fun facts about him:

His favourite animals are manuels, capybaras, and sand cats!

Him and I both enjoy walking through the forest, and he takes the most amazing pictures

He has the BEST music taste EVER. Metalhead king

favourite memories...

I feel like we were made for each other, even though we have had a lot of different experiences we suffered through similar experiences together and we were able to support each other through our worst moments.

Even before I knew I loved him I would make art for him and talk with him as often as I could...

The day he asked me out filled me with so much joy, and I said yes right away... It's funny that the day also happened to be 4/20 XD

Every single time I call with him I just can't help but smile... he is so sweet and seeing his handsome face makes my heartbeat go crazy fast!