yume nikki (en: dream diary) was an rpg maker game that shaped my life.

it is a surrealist exploration indie game developed by kikiyama in 2005 where you play as a hikikomori (shut-in) girl named madotsuki. You explore her dream world while collecting "effects".

the absence of dialogue means the player has to interpret her story based on what occurs in game, such as her effects and how NPCs/the environment interacts with her.

the impact this game left on me is something i will never forget.

i have constant difficulty telling reality from dreams and i pinch my cheek like madotsuki to check if im awake or not, also i am a lucid dreamer.

when i am lucid i have created doors within nightmares to escape them. what this game has taught me has helped me many times in both dreams and reality.

without yume nikki i likely would not be alive as this game (and many other rpgmaker classics) kept me going during my childhood.