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A written and visual guide to Angel Orbs:

Orbs are spheres of light and electromagnetic energy that are either white or various colours. Angels sometimes take the form of an orb because their true forms can be harmful to us due to sheer size and power. Angel orbs and spirit orbs travel at a higher vibrational frequency to us but occasionally we see them in photographs and even nearby!

Since angels travel to the earthly dimension through light rays, they take the shape of an orb for their energy to travel within. Angels orbs contain a high amount of energy relating you to the vibrational state of others or the environment surrounding them. Different energy orbs have different vibrational energies and frequencies which can cause those colour variations.

Normal orbs, which are just normal spheres of light that we see are unlike angel orbs, Angels orbs tend to have higher frequencies and shine with a brighter light. Also, spirit orbs can appear containing the energy of loved ones, feel free to say hello to your visitors! Not all orbs are friendly, some may contain malevolent energy.

You can tell good orbs from the bad by how they make you feel, if you feel at ease or good around the orb then they are safe, possibly angelic or a friendly spirit, but if they make you feel uneasy or discomforted then you must keep away from the area the orb is located in until that unease passed. Remember, Satan himself has disguised as an angel of light, so stay vigilant.

Orb Colour Meanings and Examples:

Pink: Openness, compassion, affection, and love. Some say this orb is Archangel Chamuel spreading healing, understanding + forgiving energies.

Vibrant Red: Stress and restlessness.

Dark Red: Anger, pain, impairment. Some say this orb is Archangel Metatron helping living and spirit children.

Pale/Clear Red: High energy, creativity.

Peach: Comfort, hope, courage.

Orange: Healing, strength, motivation. Some say this orb (particuarly dark orange) is Archangel Metatron helping children in this world and those who have passed.

Gold: Tolerance, free flowing, inspiration, higher consciousness, wisdom. Some say this orb is Archangel Uriel bringing confidence and wisdom to those studying or taking exams.

Yellow: Caution, pay attention, insight, awareness. Some say this orb (particuarly pale yellow) is Archangel Jophiel helping us see the beauty and art in our lifes.

Yellow-Green: Psychic growth and awareness,

Green: Healing, fertility, communication. Some say this orb (particuarly vibrant green) is Archangel Raphael attracting healing and abundance

Turquoise: Neutrality, quiet. Some say this orb (particuarly pale green) Archangel Purlimiek connecting you with nature and the universe.

Light blue: Tranquility, peace.

Blue: Shielding, protection, intuition. Some say this orb (particuarly vibrant blue) is Archangel Michael protecting you and encouraging you.

Dark Blue: Shielding, shyness, survival instinct.

Lavender: Peace with god, being at peace,

Purple: Knowledge, wisdom, being informed. Some say this orb is Archangel Zadkiel reminding you of your life purpose.

Violet: Spirituality, psychic and spiritual development,

White: High frequency, angel protection, shielding, purity. Some say this orb is Archangel Gabriel sending you a message from God, or a visiting loved one.

Silver: Telekinetic power, strength, new power.

Brown: Earthly connection, earthbound.

Black: Grief, fear, warning of danger (protecting you).