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A written and visual guide to Angel Wing Colour Meanings:

Many angels fly around using one or more pairs of wings, and while many angels are depicted as having white wings that is not always the case. Dropped feathers are not only a sign of the presence of an angel but they are also a message. Each feather has it's own symbolic meaning, different colours and sometimes different patterns can have unique meanings and special messages.

Additionally, certain archangels are associated with wing colours. What each feather means to you is more important than anything you can read, the feeling the wing gives off can help indicate what it symbolises. However, it can be handy to use a guide if you feel uncertain or unsure. If you find a feather, you can take it home and hang it up in your room by a ribbon or string to remind yourself of the message you've received.

Wing Colour Meanings and Examples:

Multi-coloured: Multi-coloured feathers are rare and are definite signs of angelic presence. Regeneration, mystical realms, angelic connection.

Pink: Unconditional love from your angels. Romance, caring, compassion, harmony, faithfulness, honour, inspiration. Some say this feather is from Archangel Chamuel spreading healing, understanding and forgiving energies.

Red: Your spiritual gifts are awakening. Life force energy, vitality, stability, strength, passion, power, courage, good fortune, money.

Orange: A message of listening to your inner voice. Creativity, success, optimism, energy, change, new ideas.

Yellow: Be cheerful, light-hearted, and present, as you are on the right path. Mental alertness, vision, joy, cheerfulness, wisdom, intelligence. Some say this feather is Archangel Jophiel helping us see the beauty and art in our lifes.

Green: You or someone you love is healing, healing and abundance is being attracted to you. Healing, health, fertility, communication, nature, money, prosperity, success. Some say this feather is Archangel Raphael attracting healing and abundance

Blue: Blue feathers brings a calm, peaceful energy and bring awareness as your psychic abilities are developing. Peace, inspiration, spiritual connection, psychic connection, will, shielding, protection, intuition. Some say this feather is Archangel Michael protecting you and encouraging you.

Purple: A deep message of spirituality, opening your psychic and spiritual sight, which helps you communicate your feelings. Knowledge, wisdom, being informed, peace, freedom, psychic/spiritual connection, universal consciousness. Some say this feather is Archangel Zadkiel reminding you of your life purpose, or Archangel Uriel bringing you peace with god.

White: This is a sign of a message from your angel, your guardian angel, it is a reminder to keep your faith as you are being supported and protected. Spirituality, angelic energy, faith, protection, purification, hope. Some say this feather is Archangel Gabriel sending you a message from God, or a message that a loved one is safe in heaven.

Brown: Signifies grounding, home life, and stability as well as respect. Stability, balance, grounding, endurance, home, friendship, respect.

Grey: A call to seek inner peace, a sign that things will settle when life has been frantic, as well as a sign that the answer you seek is not black and white (aka, not a yes/no answer). Peace, neutrality.

Black: A sign of angelic protection, the angels are protecting your energy as you experience spiritual , growth, or increased wisdom. Protection, warning, repelling of evil energy, mystical wisdom.

Spotted: Release your past, it is tiring your soul and wearing you down. Release, letting go, grieving.

White + Black: Change is coming. Protection, purification, union, balance.